2021 has brought some significant changes to the business model for Oceanside Photography.

The first change came in January when I purchased my first drone and embarked upon a training program to become a Transport Canada Certified Pilot. I participated in the two levels of training to become licensed/certified to legally fly in Canadian airspace. The process goes through three stages, first you must pass a Transport Canada BASIC exam, then pass the Transport Canada ADVANCED exam and the final step is to pass a flight review with a Transport Canada Certified Flight Reviewer.

I took my time with the training and passed my final flight review in June of 2021 and now hold a TRANSPORT CANADA CERTIFICATE for ADVANCED RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System). Beginning in March I was offering limited aerial photography because of my BASIC certification level. After receiving my ADVANCED certification I have been able to operate in areas which were closed to me as a BASIC pilot. 

The second change also came in June came when I changed the business name and marketing materials from Perfect Home Pix to OCEANSIDE PHOTOGRAPHY which included a new logo. This gives me a local identity and relates to the area I consider my work travel zone, Nanaimo to Courtenay, although I will work through the Alberni Valley to the west coast of Vancouver Island.


The latest change came this month in October with the addition of adding FLOOR PLANS and VIRTUAL TOURS to my service. This is something I have considered for the last 18 months and finally made a decision between the two most popular platforms available. I used a Virtual Tour system several years ago when I was working in the Vancouver Mainland, but I abandoned it because the technology and user interface were not where I thought it should be.

After a lot of research and deliberation I chose iGUIDE as my virtual tour platform for several reasons, one of the most important was the viewer interface which a buyer or real estate agent will use to view a property. In a word the creators of iGUIDE use a system design that makes it so easy to view a floor plan and interact with it in a tour environment.

There are several other reasons why this system is my preferred choice and as I roll out the service in November you will see more information become available about the iGUIDE service, so check back regularly for updates