Just when we thought things would return to normal with COVID, Omicron reared it’s head, once again shutting down the freedom for us to mingle with others safely. Despite being fully vaccinated we still have to concern ourselves with the prospect of catching COVID, or worse yet, passing it on to someone who may have an increased risk to their health if they did come in contact wth someone carrying the COVID virus.

This of course puts a hold once again on the opportunity for real estate agents to host open houses where prospective buyers can walk through a home pausing to look around and ask questions. While photographs and videos offer a good insight into what an interior looks like, it’s not the same as being there in person and exploring different views as you walk through the inside of the home.

Other than arranging a personal showing through the home with a realtor there is a safe alternative to a live showing. The answer is to use an iGUIDE, a 3D 360 tour of the home viewed through the safety of an online viewing platform – a computer, phone or tablet.

An iGUIDE listing is the perfect vehicle for narrowing down the list of potential properties for the final stages of selection. It is also a great tool for showing potential buyers living outside the area what they will see if they book a personal viewing. At that point, you know they are serious about travelling to see the property in person.

iGuide is more than just a 3D tour, it is also an interactive floor plan and contains all the important information a buyer needs to answer their questions such as how is the home laid out and what are the room sizes.

Here is a sample of a recent iGUIDE I created for a new listing. The address and realtors information have been removed for demo purposes but that information would be provided in a full version of the iGUIDE that is used to market this property through normal exposure.

You can view how one of my typical ┬áiGUIDE’s is presented by clicking on this link which will open in a new window that you can close after viewing.