drone photography

Sometimes a view from the ground hides a lot of what there is to see. The satellite, or top down view is usually what comes first to mind when thinking of aerial or drone photography.

A common use of an aerial is to show the boundaries of a property, especially when it is rural or close to a feature that makes the property attractive, like the proximity to a lake, beach or a close by feature attraction which cannot be see when standing at ground level.

I fly my own drones so coordinating aerials with my photo sessions is done at the same time. If weather is a problem I return as soon as possible to get everything ready to deliver to my clients.

An elevated view above the level of the door threshold or higher presents a different view of a ┬áhome’s features and its surroundings. You don’t need to go 100 feet in the air to get a different perspective, sometimes a couple of feet higher than a tall step ladder works nicely.

Transport Canada Cerified for RPAS or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Visual Line of Sight (VLOS).

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