I started my new career in real estate  photography in the Fall of 2010 after moving from Calgary, to Vancouver where we had previously lived. My wife Susan and I had been operating a successful wine import agency in BC and Alberta for several years and finally decided to return to Vancouver and retire from a demanding and competitive business and explore something new.

I built up a clientele of real estate agents, new home builders and designers in Vancouver and the surrounding area and operated there until the summer of 2017 when we decided it was time to move to our final destination, Vancouver Island. We settled on Qualicum Beach, having visited here many times during our wine agency years and short vacations and were drawn to the small town atmosphere after spending so much of our lives in major metropolitan areas.

We love it here.

Peter Slupski

My Passion

For most of my life I have been independent, working for myself  rather than being employed by someone else.  I’ve worn a few different hats and learned different skills along the way. I have always been interested in photography and technology and the two meld together nicely in my present career.

I’m passionate about what I do and never stop exploring and learning something new to add to my knowledge and expertise. The premise that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, is false.

It’s About
the Light.

My preference is to show a mixture of the ambient and artificial light, that which you experience when inside a home. This will often mean there will be some colour casts on the wall and ceilings and other surfaces that take on different colours from a mixture of light sources. These are the colours our eyes see, a bit of blue in the ceiling and walls from the outside sun close to a window, the green on a wall from a lawn on a bright day, the warm glow from a normal light bulb or the coldness of a white light. All of these can be present in a home depending on the outside and interior light sources and that is what I try to control and replicate in my photos.

I use speed lights (flash) to mitigate colour casts and open up dark areas to keep the lighting levels as natural as possible. This takes some extra time while photographing the interior and processing the photos for final delivery to my client but the results are worth the effort.  

The Shoot and Edit

The majority of the time I spend on a photography project is the editing of those photographs prior to delivering the finished images to a client. Taking the photographs takes between 60 to 90 minutes on site to photograph a 1500 sq ft home. For every hour I spend on site taking photographs, 2 to 3 hours will be spent on post production.

There is a never ending debate about which methods produce the best looking real estate photographs and there is no one approach that is superior to another, I have explored and used most of them. In the end it’s not how I achieve the result  it’s what my client prefers and expects.  

I am proficient in photo editing, using a number of different tools and methods to achieve the results I want to deliver to my clients.  

I like to have control of my work from beginning to end and I do not rush through any stage of my work. My clients deserve the best I can deliver and while time is not of the essence, I strive to deliver the finished result within 24 hours, in most cases sooner.


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